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Epoxy Flooring

Commercial & Industrial Services

Do you want your concrete floors to last longer? Then, epoxy flooring is the best option for you! The epoxy coating acts as a sealant for concrete floors and it enhances strength, durability, and aesthetic; the best of all is that it makes your floors resistant to chemicals. Our experts will apply this material with utmost precision. Call us now!

Concrete Polishing

Commercial & Industrial Services

Through concrete polishing, our experts will transform your concrete floors from porous to tighten. Polishing your concrete floors will make them stain-resistant, long-lasting, and shiny. As well, it can inhibit water and oil from penetrating your concrete surfaces. Contact us today!


Concrete Repair

Commercial & Industrial Services

It’s not the end of the world! If you have an issue with your concrete structure, there’s nothing to worry! Our experts will help you repair any crack or fissure that your concrete floors have. In this sense, you just need to call our team of experts today. Don´t miss this wonderful opportunity; Get a free quote now!

Concrete Overlayments

Commercial & Industrial Services

Are you looking to make your floors more aesthetically pleasing, stronger, and more durable? Valdez Epoxy Coatings Inc. offers concrete overlayments as a perfect solution for you! Concrete overlayments not only make concrete look smoother and more elegant, but they also gives more strength which will consequently make your concrete more durable!


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